Underwater World in Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves has rich and colorful Islands, the Water looks beautiful and the outposts fit into the World. But the Depths of the Sea still feel empty and abandoned. That’s why I decided to write an article about my suggestions and Ideas to improve the Underwater World!

Add New Sea Animals

In the Picture above you can see pretty much all the wildlife we currently have in the Ocean. The main animal that you can currently meet is the Sharks and they seem to be the only ones that have a function aside from looking cool. They are actively hunting and attacking the players. The mermaid that you can see on the right side of the Picture is currently only spawning when you need to get back to your ship, so they don’t serve too many purposes either.

In the back, we can see some small fish and a manta ray, but I assume that they are just there for cosmetical purposes. I would love to see some more variations in the wildlife and the ability to interact with it. I would love to just take a swim underwater and look at the different animals.

My Suggestions for animals:

  • Dolphins: Could follow your Ship and Swim around you when you are in the Water. I think they should be rather playful animals and not cause any harm.
  • Crabs: Could walk around on the beaches and in the Ocean. They could have a mechanic where they damage/slow you when you step on them and maybe some other fun interactions like following the player for a short amount of time or making sounds with their Pincers. They could also disguise as rocks and start moving when you get close to them and maybe climb on your Ship, so the players have to catch them and get them off again. Lots of possibilities here.
  • Turtles: Should just serve a cosmetic Purpose, but I love how peaceful they look when swimming in the water. I would also love some Big tortoises that you can meet on the Islands. currently, I don’t know what Purpose they could serve, but would love to see them in the game!
  • Whales: Could be those Huge Animals, that you can find out on the Sea. I would love to just swim in the water next to one and feel it’s power as it plows through the Ocean. They could possibly be a challenge for the players to hunt and could cause big Damage to your Ship if you hit one. I will go more In-Depth about Whale hunting and Fishing later in this article.
  • Various, Colorful Small Fishes:  Have you ever been diving in real life? Just looking at various fishes while swimming through a reef can be really awesome. I would love to see a ton of different variations. They wouldn’t even need to serve a specific purpose, aside from maybe fishing.  It would be really cool if the ocean felt like it had life in it.
  • Octopuses: Just another form of marine wildlife to meet in the ocean. They could have a little minigame where they hold onto your character when you stay close to them for too long and a crewmate has to get it off of you.

Water-based Boss Fights

We do already know that The Kraken will be in the game. As the game is heavily centered around sailing around with your crew, I would Like to see different Variations of dangers that wait for you in the Depths of the Ocean. I really Hope that the fights are more than just “Shoot at it till it dies while 1 man is repairing ou Ship”. I think that Boss fights, in general, have a huge potential in Sea of Thieves. Crew Cooperation is already an important element of the game. That’s why mechanics that require the whole crew to work together should be key to winning a fight.

That being said, I would love to see different fight mechanics. The Kraken could grab a Crew Member, so the other has to Chop a Tentacle off to free their friend. The Kraken should also fill your Ship with Water while it is attacking, so the Crew has to decide what to do first. I do even think that it should be possible to fend the Kraken off with a medium crew, but only a skilled and organized Crew should be able to actually take him down and earn their rewards. Boss fights should be challenges the players look forward too, without them being too easy.

Underwater Landscapes

Currently, the only really notable Thing underwater is the Shipwrecks. Aside from that, there isn’t any reason to actually go and explore the Underwater world.  I don’t see a reason to explore when the only thing waiting for me is sharks. But the ocean does have as many possibilities as the land. Many different things could make it worth to anchor down somewhere in the middle of nowhere and explore the Depths.

What could be underwater?

  • Underwater Caves: These are caves that can only be reached by diving and finding the entrance. In there, there might even be a bit of fresh air to breathe again. Also, there could be hidden Treasures and maybe some pearls to sell at an Outpost. There should also be some challenges for the players, like a little maze out of rocks to get trough. These caves could be noticeable by little bubbles of air that show on the Surface of the Ocean, so players can anchor down and explore them. Caves could also serve as a secret entrance to a cave on an Island, so they do also hold the possibility for Riddles involving them.
  • Coral Reefs: We all know the beauty of Coral Reefs. I could imagine myself sailing to an Island just to go and dive for a bit. Of course, there could also be some kind of resource for the Players to collect, but Coral Reefs should mainly be to just chill and have some relaxing time between all the battles.
  • Air Bubble Plants: These could be little Plants or underwater Volcanoes that produce a bubble of air from time to time. This would allow Players to stay underwater for an extended period of time, while not breaking immersion too much.
  • Generally more Plants and Algae: In the Trailers, we could only see a little bit of Seaweed on the ground of the Ocean. I would love to see a lot of plants because they add color and life to the environment. Imagine just swimming trough Seaweed to escape a shark for a while. Plants could be collected for cooking and healing. There could also be cosmetic Items that can be made from Underwater Plants.

Fishing and Hunting

So far, there isn’t really much to do while sailing around with your crew. I think that fishing would be fun. Even Whale Hunting with a Harpoon could make it into the final game. Fishing could be a simple mechanic where you can collect different Types of Fish. Later you could maybe sell them, cook them or slap people with them. Whale hunting could be used for selling the resources and crafting some nice clothing. The Oil could refill your lantern. I think that there is multiple uses for fishing and that’s why it should definetly be in the game.



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