The Patron

The Patron doesn’t make an appearance himself in the Tales from the Sea of Thieves book, but Cole talks a bit about him. While the clear Identity of the Patron is unknown, it is clear that there is a connection to the mysterious old woman. One might think they are the same person, however, the patron is referred to as “he” by Cole.

By random chance, The Patron overheard Nura and Bel discussing, in very heated tones, what could only be the chest he’d long considered lost. He then hired the Twisted Knife to retrieve the chest, caring little about what happens to the crew possessing it. Why he chose to get it by force rather than trade is a mystery to Cole, but he cares little about it.

The patron operates out of an island cove and is very rich. Nura and Bel set out to find his den, guided by Cole after they capture him, they are however attacked by the Kraken before they can find it.


Appeared in: Tales from the Sea of Thieves

Age: Old when Nura and marisabel meet Cole

Gender: Male

Location: Patrons Den’s

Position: Patron, rich, leader of the Patron organization

Organisation: Patron

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