Sea of Thieves Map Traders – Future Trading Company?

Sea of Thieves currently comes with 3 different Trading Companies. Each of them has unique voyages, gameplay, and progression. However, the developers have stated that they plan on adding more of them in the future. We took another look into the Artbook and found concept art of map traders. Could they be part of a new trading company and if yes, how could they be implemented? We wrote our ideas down here, but we’d also like to hear yours, so make sure to check our Sea of Thieves Discord out!

Evidence for the Map Traders

Let’s start by listing all the art and references we could find. Our sources are tehofficial Artbook, as well as the ArtStations from multiple Sea of Thieves Art team members. The source will be given under each image. 


Map Traders shop
Map Trader Building – source:

The Artbook descrives the Parchment Shop as “Home of the map traders“. You can find a few subtle details in the picture above like the map scrolls, ink or the telescope which is mounted on the balcony. The hatch in the roof suggests that the map traders do also spend quite some time looking at the stars. A little compass motif is worked into multiple parts of the shop.

Shop interior – source:

This is the only picture we could find of the interior. It shows a desk, surrounded by maps and a few books.


Source for all the pictures in this section:

While all of those variations look a bit different, there’s some similarity between them. All of them carry scrolls and a sextant. It is easy to imagine them exploring the Sea of Thieves and creating maps on the go.

This version also saw an adaption in “The Quest for Golden Bananas”



We don’t know too much about this part, but the Artbook tells us a little bit about it:

As originally envisaged, she and her family would have their shared knowledge stored on their bodies in the form of tattoos that only the could decipher, keeping their secrets safe.

We frequently use information from the Sea of Thieves artbook. A lot of Map seller pictures can also be found in there. It contains 215 pages full of great and high-quality Sea of Thieves art, so if you want to buy it and support us on the way then please click on the picture down below:


Early Plunder Outpost – source:
Some ingame screenshots of an old Sea of Thieves version that actually had the parchment shop in-game!

What it looks like now

As you can see a lot has changed since the early concept phase. The parchment shop has since been replaced by the potion/Order of Souls building. Therefore it is valid to think that the map traders were only the initial concept which was scrapped later on an replaced by the idea of trading companies.


Sea of Thieves currently offers relatively little incentive for exploration. The world is filled with small details and hints that can be found on each island. However, it can also feel like you are wasting time if you are just exploring and not actively doing voyages. There’s no real reward for doing it in the current game.

This is where the Map Traders could shine. We imagine them as a new Company centered around exploration and scavenging.

The Map Traders could need the players help with finding lost artifacts, restoring the history of ancient civilizations or completing maps. They could also come with random loot spread out on islands to give players a reason to go there without any active quests. An ancient artifact, for example, that broke into a few pieces and the players can find all of them to restore it and bring it back to the Map Traders. The more complete the artifact is, the more rewards you get. Another option could be to buy physical boards with paper which can be stored on the ship. players could then pick them up like animal cages and interact with landmarks to automatically draw them. These drawings could then be sold at the Outpost.

Considering that the Gold Hoarders already get their treasure maps from the Order of Souls it is unlikely that the Map Traders could sell those. We still think that they are a good opportunity to encourage players to explore a bit more.

What do you think?

Do you think that we will ever see Map Traders in the game? If yes, how do you think are they going to work? Especially because we know so little about the Map Traders we would like to hear your thoughts on this one. Join our Sea of Thieves Discord to share your ideas with nearly 2000 other people!

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