Legendary Hideout artwork released!

Players can reach legendary status in Sea of Thieves. After obtaining it, they get access to the legendary hideout, as well as the tavern of Legends. We thought that this is about everything to know about the legendary hideout until Ricardo Robles, Principal Concept Artist at Rare, uploaded a new set of art to his Artstation. There are a few pictures in there that are labeled as “hideout interior”, so we took a closer look. Read on to find out what exciting tales a few pieces of concept art can tell and don’t forget to join our Sea of Thieves Discord Server to tell us what you think!

the Tavern of Legends. source:https://www.artstation.com/artwork/ky1x6

What we know about the Hideout

Currently not too much. However, we do believe that this version of a legendary hideaway is going to be implemented with the Captaincy update. You can read everything we know about that here.

The points that are relevant to the hideout are:

  • Captaincy will allow legendary pirates to own a ship
  • The ship is going to be visually different from the ones currently ingame
  • Once you have your ship you won’t start the game at the tavern anymore, but in your hideout
  • you will be able to “explode out of the hideout with your ship like Batman”

New artworks

New environments and possibly hideout entrance? source: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/ky1x6

These snippets all show new assets. Whether they all belong to the same island is unknown. Considering the verticality of the image in the bottom left and how flat the island in the top right is, it is likely that they belong to different locations. The picture in the middle at the bottom could show the entrance to the legendary cave.

This version of the hideout looks completely different to what’s currently in the game. source: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/ky1x6

This picture is labeled as hideout interior. As you can see it shows a cave with ghosts from the earlier game artworks. On the left, you can see a window of a little building inside the cave.

The legendary cave also seems to feature some kind of treasure room. source: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/ky1x6

Multiple people have already dreamed of their own treasure room with loads of gold. This one seems to fulfill that fantasy. It would definitely be amazing to have this in your personal hideout and see it grow with the amount of lifetime treasure earned.

The captains quarters. source: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/ky1x6

Unlocking private rooms like this quarter could really add a new sense of accomplishment to reaching legendary status. The table could be used to view your stats and maybe you could even hang a portrait of yourself on the wall. Customizing the hideout to allow everyone to give their personal touch to it would be great while also allowing players to spend more time in the game.

Hideout of the Damned

Now you might think that the pictures above are just old artworks for what eventually turned into the tavern of legends, which is currently in the game. However, Ricardo Robles also added another version of the hideout above.

Notice the parallels between this picture and the version above. source: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/ky1x6

This is almost exactly the same version, but it also seems to take place in a different setting. The detailed ghosts are now merely bright blue shadows, the window has turned into a blurry mess and the overall lighting is a lot more ominous. The red candles and the color scheme remind us a lot of the Ferry of the Damned.

The sign says “Hideout of the Damned”. source:https://www.artstation.com/artwork/ky1x6

This entrance shows the same colors and the red candles, which suggests that they belong to the same thing. “The Damned”seems to be a theme that the developers have explored a lot. (Ferry of the Damned, Hideout of the Damned, Sea of The Damned). It seems to take place in a world not normally reachable by the living, so having a hideout there is very interesting.

The Sea of Thieves Artbook actually has a few pages dedicated to this area. If you want to have a deeper look at them and can’t wait until we write about it, then please consider ordering it and support us on the way by clicking on the image below. Thanks a lot!

Why this is exciting

While the first version of the hideaway could only be considered an early prototype of what eventually turned into the hideout currently in the game, the second version of it suggests something completely different. It shows that the developers have played with an alternative version of the same thing and have considered a personal refuge for pirate legends, situated in the Sea of the Damned. The more the artists have played around with the concept, the more likely it is to make its way into the final game. The new area announced with the “Forsaken Shores” update this summer comes to mind. Aside from that, the extra rooms could hint that we will see a more customizable or personal version at some point in the future.

What do you think?

As always, we are very interested to hear your thoughts. Does the Sea of the Damned appeal to you as a concept? Do you think that we will see a personal hideout one day? We are excited to hear your opinion, so come and join us in our Discord Server!


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