Hungering Deep – Analysis and upcoming Content

Sea of Thieves is going to get six content update in 2018. The Hungering Deep is the first one of them and while only medium in size compared to the others, it has the potential to make the game more enjoyable. We already wrote an article speculating about it recently, but it seems to now be outdated. Merfolk seemed like a logical explanation back then, but the trailer has shown that we were wrong. If you are looking for an in-depth analysis of the trailer, as well as what other things are coming with the Hungerign Deep, then look no further!

The Trailer

Text Transcript:

The life of a pirate is fraught with danger.
For, you see, to journey out onto the waves is to take a step into the unknown.
There are things which have lived there and ruled there far longer than us.
Great terrors from the deep…
…some I’ve seen with my own eye!
Many have tried to gain control over the sea, but it does not reward the greedy or impatient.
The ancient people encountered monsters so powerful and terrible that they worshipped them as gods.
Some say that the ancients even learned how to summon such creatures.
They’d offer a sacrifice and in return they were allowed to sail the seas undisturbed.
Most would tell you that these are just stories.
But I know different.
And now I hear whispers from across the waves of ships disappearing without a trace, sightings of something…
Just… stories.
Now! Did I ever tell you about the vicious parrot that stole my eye?
Ha ha ha!


A teaser for this NPC and possibly the Hungering Deep made its way into the game with one of the recent updates. A shipwreck suddenly appeared at one of the uncharted islands.

Considering that a portrait of the NPC is in the captain’s cabin it is likely that he was the Captain of “The Killer Whale”. If you now consider that he is stranded on Sharkbait Cove while his ship is at the bottom of the ocean, something has to have happened in between. In the trailer, there’s also a lot of merchant cargo, so it is likely that he had it on board when his ship sank. Looking at his appearance, the tattoos and scars it is to assume that it wasn’t his first dangerous encounter. Sharks or the new ai threat seem to be his specialty. We’ll surely find out more about him once he is ingame.

According to the official Sea of Thieves twitter, his name is Merrick.  It is safe to assume that this NPc is going to play a role in the Hugnerign Deep and is prbably part of some quests attached to it.

Some more info about him

For the following section, we are going to split the trailer up into possible features and talk a bit about each one of them.

The starting scene shows Merrick at a campfire on Sharkbait Cove. The location is currently in the game, but there have been some things added to it.

  • Various Merchant Crates and gunpowder barrels
  • The NPC
  • Crab

The mysterious “new” chest on the right side

We saw quite a lot of speculation around the dark chest on the right side of the image. At first glance, it looks like it is not currently in the game, which is why a lot of people are speculating that it might be tied to a new type of Merchant Alliance voyage. We took a closer look at it and found out that it isn’t more than a standard cannonball crate from the current game. The unique lightning setting makes it seem like something else, but if you look close enough you’ll see that it is the same thing.

The cannonball crates. source:

Probability to come with the Hungering Deep: 0%, is in the game already

The Crab

The crab is the next thing that grabbed a lot of attention. Sadly we think that it is very unlikely that we will see crabs ingame with the update. Yes, we know they are cool. They could be a new type of merchant mission and you guys have a ton of great ideas for them. However, let’s take a look at the 2016 Sea of Thieves reveal trailer.

Nope, not ingame

There’s a cat in there, there are manta rays in there and there are skeleton lords and evil merfolk. Our point is that is important to focus on the important details when watching a trailer or teaser like this one. Joe Neate made sure to let us know this update is only medium sized, so don’t expect or hope for anything more than they explicitly talked about or have hinted towards heavily.

Probability to come with the Hungering Deep: 20%, we definitely think crabs will be in the game at some point, but not just yet.

Tattoo and Scar Customization

This topic has been something the community is wishing for since the game was announced. Nearly all the promotional characters have tattoos and some cool scars, so why shouldn’t we be able to choose some of them? Merrick here can be seen with the Hungering Deep symbol on his chest (shark jaws), some other tattoos and a lot of scars. We know that this could only be good character design, referencing his history, but the devs have said that these customization options are on the way and have surely been working on them for a while.

Probability to come with the Hungering Deep: 70%, we’ll be bold with this one, don’t get your hopes up too high.

Double peg legs

merrick has two peg legs, but whether that means that we will be able to have two at the same time too is unknown.

Probability to come with the Hungering Deep: 50%, we really don’t know. In our opinion this is more part of the character specific storytelling and has little gameplay value, so we’ll go with now, this won’t be part of the update.

More Customization

We are sure that more customization types will make their way into the game with the update. It is unknown whether you will actually be able to equip the NPCs peg legs or hook hand, but there are some others which are extremely likely to be part of the update. We are not going to look at clothing here because there’s just too much of it, which makes assigning it to a specific update pretty impossible. We do think that there will be new clothing options, we just aren’t sure if we know of them or which ones they are going to be yet.

This full shark set was in the alpha. Sails, Figurehead and the Hull with shark teeth at the front.
Figurehead up close
Hungering Deep Sails (Also his Tattoo)
Weird creature that was on the Roadmap map at the Hungering Deep station.

Probability to come with the Hungering Deep: 100%, we are certain that there will be both the shark set and other cosmetics in the update.

Drums, speaking trumpet and bringing crews together

We have heard of all of these in the past, but the trailer really shows how exactly they could work out. The drums are likely a new instrument which is coming with the Hungering Deep. The Speaking Trumpet is used to enhance the range of ingame voice chat, making the communication between crews a lot easier. In the trailer, you can see that two ships together are playing the instruments at the same time. This is surely not a coincidence and probably means that you will need at least two crews playing music at the same time to summon the new ai threat.

Probability to come with the Hungering Deep: 90%, we expect all of these to be part of the update.

We tried to reconstruct the full body from the trailer

The new ai threat

Now, this is what most of the player base is really excited for. We have speculated that it is going to be merfolk in the past, but by now we are certain that this assumption was wrong (although totally justified at the time). The new info hints towards a sea monster, similar to a shark. The Megalodon comes to mind. Above you can see a picture of it which we have reconstructed from the trailer. There’s also another picture on the official Sea of Thieves Twitter:

You can clearly see that it is huge in size and seems to be nearly as big as a sloop. I think the term Megalodon is totally fitting for this creature, although the cave painting suggests a slightly different jaw. We will probably have to wait a bit longer to see what exactly the fight is going to look like. Fighting such a huge monster together with other crews sounds like a really refreshing experience and we can’t wait to see it!

Probability to come with the Hungering Deep: 100%, the developers have confirmed that a new ai threat is part of the update and this seems like it is it.


Overall the Hungering Deep looks like a good update to kick things off. While it won’t change much about the core gameplay of the game, it adds content which is always appreciated. However, we are also sure that there is a high chance for a community backlash. Looking at the comments on the trailer it seems like a lot of people expect huge changes from this update. It is important to keep in mind that this update is relatively small compared to the rest. Future content updates are going to have more of an impact on the game instead of just adding to it. In the end, the game will be richer than before. There are some interesting mechanics we wanted to see for quite some time now in the update. There will be a bit of incentive to cooperate and probably fight for loot. Maybe there will be a little quest line and new cosmetics. Whatever it is, there will be more than now.

Have a great week and check our Sea of Thieves Discord Server out! There are lots of cool people in there 😉


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