Crew Interactions in Sea of Thieves

The Crew is the most important Aspect of Sea of Thieves. Cooperation, and not Competition, is what a lot of people look forward to. Features like Voice Chat or the Ship Design encourage team play. But I still feel like there are not enough Things to do with your friends. Playing music gets boring after a while and aside from sailing the Ship, there isn’t much more to keep the player occupied. That’s why I’ve collected some Ideas for Crew Interactions that I’ll present in this article. Please leave your thoughts and feedback in the comments down below.

Tavern Games

Sea of Thieves Tavern

Taverns have a great feel to them in Sea of Thieves. They look so cozy, yet they fit the pirate Theme perfectly. The only problem is that players only rarely visit them. There really isn’t any unique functionality to them right now. Aside from offering Grog, that is available on the Ship, they are useless. This is a shame because the Outposts are pretty small. This means that every Building should have a unique functionality to allow more Crew Interactions.


Considering that enemy crews might approach any time, games should be quick. No one is going to play a full game of monopoly in a dangerous world. Fun minigames fit perfectly into the Taverns. I would also love if the games weren’t restricted to players in a crew, so multiple crews could play together. Games should also save for a while when players leave. This way people can continue playing after an Interruption from an enemy crew.

  • Rolling Dice: This could be a simple game where players could roll dice and maybe bet a bit of gold on the outcome. I know that gambling isn’t really popular in video games. This, however, is a pirate game and as long as no real money is included, it should be fine.
  • Knife Throwing: There could be a simple Target somewhere in the Tavern. Similar to Dart, Players could throw Knives from a set distance. Again, a Prize Pool could be set beforehand.
  • Challenges: There could be a board with Challenges for the players. These could involve everyone drinking 3 Tankards of Grog and then trying to complete a certain Goal. There could be different Types of Tavern Challenges. Some should be like a race to a certain Point, while others could include a friendly drunken duel. There are lots of different Options here.
  • Karaoke: While it sounds dumb, this could actually be a very fun thing in the game. Other players could play the music on your Instruments, while you have to sing a shanty. The text could be provided on some Boards or Paper. This could lead to very funny moments.
  • Simple Card Games: You can’t put games into a tavern in a Pirate world and forget the classic Card Games! While I don’t know any fast card games, I am sure the Developers could Think of a fun way. In The Witcher 3, we could see whole communities forming around in-game games, so players definitely enjoy them. I can imagine Cards that can be unlocked with achievements (Imagine getting the Kraken Card After Slaying it for the First Time!)
  • Sandbox: This could just be a simple menu where a crew can choose a game leader and the Prize Pool. This would allow players to create their own games and use the Game System. Not only does this promote Creativity, but also allows Players to write their own stories!


2 Pirates fighting each other on a Ship

Fighting others is the next core Part of the game. Meeting other Crews doesn’t always end well and that’s what makes every encounter unique and exciting. But currently, there is no way to organize a Duel or just a friendly fight with a crewmate. I would love a way to select the Type of Weapons and the Gold to start a duel. 2 players, no matter if they are from the same crew or not, could then duel for fun and a prize. This is an important Part of Crew Interactions and can be found in a lot of different video games.


Generally more Requirements for Teamplay

Two Pirates digging up a chest together in Sea of Thieves

In my opinion, the game doesn’t force players to work together often enough. We have the Ship, where Players have to collaborate to Sail Properly. Aside from that, I don’t think that I remember any mechanic that forces you to help a friend to achieve a goal. There are some small things, like digging treasure up faster when more people do it, but that’s just optional. There have already been multiple Ideas on the Forums, so I am going to list some here.

  • Cursed Chests: Cursed Chests are already in the game, but some community members suggested variations that require teamwork. For example, a chest that is so heavy that 2 people have to carry it at the same time and balance their movements so it doesn’t fall down. Another idea included that the players would have to exchange who is holding the chest because it has some negative effect if you hold onto it for too long.
  • Riddles: There is some huge potential in riddles requiring multiple people. This could be Tasks like shining your lantern at 2 places at the same time. Solo players wouldn’t have access to these Voyages because they obviously can’t complete them. This would force Crew Interactions trough Communicating and teamwork.
  • Puzzles: Do you know the Co-op mode from Portal 2? If yes, then you surely also know about all the possibilities for Puzzles. They range from simple mechanics with pressure Plates to more complicated Puzzles. I would love to see Crewmates cooperating to solve them!


That’s it with my ideas for Crew interactions. Feel free to add yours in the Comments below! We appreciate it a lot!



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