Sea of Thieves Lore: Ferry of the Damned

Featured image source The Ferry of the Damned is one of the central places in Sea of Thieves. No matter how you play, sooner or later you will find yourself here. it is a very special place, as it gives you the chance the respawn and start over again. However, you sadly can’t talk to […]

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Sea of Thieves Lore: Introduction

Sea of Thieves has a very rich and in-depth lore. Sadly, this is not apparent to the normal players, as most of the lore is outside of the game. It might not be feasible for everyone to buy the comics, the lore book, the art book and the upcoming model just to learn something about […]

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The Pirate Lord: More than just an NPC?

The Pirate Lord is one of the most famous persons in the Sea of Thieves. While there’s a lot of hints and teasing inside the game, his real story is within the comics and the lore book. We read all of it to shine some light on the history of this mysterious character. Crew of […]

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Patch 1.0.8 – Sea of Thieves

Rare released a new Sea of Thieves’ client-side update – another 800 MB download. Here is what we get:

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Hungering Deep – Analysis and upcoming Content

Sea of Thieves is going to get six content update in 2018. The Hungering Deep is the first one of them and while only medium in size compared to the others, it has the potential to make the game more enjoyable. We already wrote an article speculating about it recently, but it seems to now […]

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Patch 1.0.7 – Sea of Thieves

Rare released a new Sea of Thieves’ client-side update – a 800 MB download. Here is what we get:

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Plunder Valley: Shrines of an ancient Civilization

The world of Sea of Thieves is filled with details. The artists took a long time to design each island and give it some history. Remains of buildings, shrines and other important religious places are only a part of the vast, yet hidden lore. Sadly most players don’t take the time to notice all of […]

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Legendary Hideout artwork released!

Players can reach legendary status in Sea of Thieves. After obtaining it, they get access to the legendary hideout, as well as the tavern of Legends. We thought that this is about everything to know about the legendary hideout until Ricardo Robles, Principal Concept Artist at Rare, uploaded a new set of art to his […]

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Sea of Thieves Map Traders – Future Trading Company?

Sea of Thieves currently comes with 3 different Trading Companies. Each of them has unique voyages, gameplay, and progression. However, the developers have stated that they plan on adding more of them in the future. We took another look into the Artbook and found concept art of map traders. Could they be part of a […]

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